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Application Requirements

To apply as a Habeeye Delivery Driver, you typically need to provide documents such as a valid driver's license, vehicle registration, insurance details, and proof of identity.

Previous delivery experience is not a requirement to join the Habeeye team. We offer training programs for new Delivery drivers to familiarize them with the platform and best practices.

To become a Habeeye Delivery Partner, the minimum age requirement is 18 years old as per local regulations.

We may conduct background checks or screenings as part of the application process to ensure the safety and security of its platform and customers.

The approval timeline to become a Habeeye Delivery Partner can vary. It usually involves submitting necessary documents, undergoing background checks, and attending orientation sessions.

Any vehicle can be used safely for deliveries, such as a car, scooter, or bike, that meet safety and quality standards for transportation.

In order to resolve issues or disputes that may arise during deliveries accordingly, which may involve contacting support or submitting a report through the app.

Delivery Operations

Deliveries are assigned to partners at Habeeye based on proximity, availability, and workload to ensure efficient distribution.

Delivery partners can communicate with customers during deliveries through the in-app messaging system or contact support for assistance.

Delivery driver are required to  photos of  items for verification followed by a One Time Verification Pin for quality assurance purposes. This helps us ensure that the correct items are delivered in good condition and provides transparency throughout the delivery process.

Habeeye operates in Somaliland, currently the following cities areas or regions fall under our deliveries service coverage.

  • Hargeisa
  • Other Cities Coming Soon

We may have specific requirements for packaging or handling certain types of deliveries to ensure the safety and quality of items during transportation. Partners should refer to guidelines provided by Habeeye for details.

Peak hours or busy times for deliveries with Habeeye vary based on demand and can be influenced by factors such as meal times, weekends, and special events.

Habeeye provides training resources on efficient route planning to help delivery partners optimize their delivery routes.

In case of an issue or delay with a Habeeye delivery, please ensure you notify the customer to maintain expectations, our support team will also be available for immediate assistance.

Payment, Support & Feedback

Payments are calculated at a rate of $0.75 per kilometre with a minimum order distance of 2 miles, ensuring competitive compensation for delivery partners. Delivery Partners can add eDahab as a withdrawal method. Once approved, you will receive your payment every morning through the Habeeye Delivery App. The amount will be transferred to your eDahab wallet at any time, including Fridays and Public Holidays. For more details, please refer to our Terms of Service.

Habeeye provides opportunities for bonuses or incentives to reward high-performing Delivery Partners based on their performance metrics.

Yes, Habeeye delivery partners have the flexibility to set their own working schedule based on their availability and preferences.

We encourage a smart casual dress code for Delivery drivers to maintain a professional and consistent image while representing the Habeeye brand. This includes wearing clean and presentable attire that reflects a positive and customer-friendly appearance.


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