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About us

Unlock your business potential
through the power of innovation.

Our Mission

Empowering the Unconnected.

Bridging the digital divide

We are dedicated to ensuring equal access to opportunities for all. By leveraging our innovative Habeeye platform, we connect individuals and communities, providing them with a marketplace that opens doors to economic growth and empowerment.

Cutting-edge technology and creative solutions

We strive to break down barriers, enabling users to access information, and resources that were once out of reach. Join us on our journey to create a connected world where everyone can thrive and flourish through the power of Habeeye.

Our Target

Expanding Market Reach

For local businesses in Somaliland, Habeeye presents an opportunity to expand their market reach beyond traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

By listing their products or services on the app, businesses can tap into a larger customer base and reach potential buyers who may not have been aware of their offerings previously.

This increased visibility can lead to higher sales volumes and revenue growth for businesses.

Executive Management

Our Amazing Team

Guleed Abokor


Cali Abokor

Managing Director

Mahinder Singh


Cabdullahi Abokor

Public Relations

Mawliid Waraabe

Customer Service

Our committed members are ready to help.

Industry Experiences

Revolutionizing the Way We Shop

In today's digital age, marketplace apps have become an integral part of our lives. These powerful platforms connect buyers and sellers, offering a wide range of products and services at our fingertips.

Designed to provide users with a personalized and localized shopping experience. With Zones, Habeeye allows users to define their preferred shopping areas, ensuring that they receive relevant and tailored product recommendations.

Whether you're looking for local products, exclusive deals, or specific services in your neighbourhood, Zones enables you to discover the best options available within your desired area.

By setting up your preferred zones, you can easily explore nearby businesses, compare prices, and make informed purchasing decisions. This feature not only saves you time but also ensures that you support local businesses and contribute to your community's growth. With Habeeye's Zones feature, shopping becomes more convenient, personalized, and community-oriented.

Habeeye integrates with popular mobile money payment service offered by the Somaliland telecommunication platforms, allowing users to make payments directly from their mobile wallets.

This integration streamlines the payment process, eliminating the need for additional steps or third-party payment gateways.

Designed to enhance your shopping experience like never before. With this innovative feature, Habeeye can now deliver products directly to your precise GPS location.

Gone are the days of waiting for deliveries at a fixed address or struggling to provide accurate directions. Whether you're at a park, a beach, or even on a hiking trail, Habeeye's GPS location feature ensures that your purchases are delivered right to you.

Simply enable location services on your device, and Habeeye will use advanced mapping technology to pinpoint your exact location. This convenient and reliable feature saves you time and effort, allowing you to receive your orders wherever you are.

Say goodbye to missed deliveries and hello to seamless shopping with Habeeye's GPS location feature.

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