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Increase your income on the move!

Take control of your earnings as a Delivery Partner.

Habeeye Delivery Partners

Key Features.

Improve your delivery experience with essential info, efficient operations, order management, and effective communication between merchants, customers, and the platform.

Earnings Summary

General Order History

Online/Offline Status

Real-time Notifications

Select Nearby Orders

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Earnings Summary

Easily View &
Manage Your Earnings.

Stay on top of your earnings, effortlessly track your current balance, ensuring you always have a clear picture of your hard-earned income from completed deliveries. This invaluable tool empowers you to monitor your financial performance, enabling smarter decision-making and efficient work planning. Take control of your earnings and maximise your success as a delivery partner with our application.

in close proximity

Nearby Order Selection.

Streamline your operations and delight your customers by choosing orders that are conveniently close by. This approach optimises efficiency by minimizing travel time and costs. By prioritising nearby orders, delivery partners can deliver faster and more efficient service to customers, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

See How it Works

Visit the App Store or Play Store

Search for "Habeeye Drivers App" and click on the app.

Tap the "Download" or "Install" button

Once installed, open the "Habeeye Drivers App"

Sign up for a New Account

Follow the on-screen prompts by providing the required information to verify your account & set up your profile. Once your profile is approved, you can start using the app for deliveries by accepting orders.

New features

Discover New
Delivery Options.

Direction for Store & Delivery Location
View Earning Summary
Get Store Details
GPS Directions
Online/Offline Status
Order Summaries
Swipe to Confirm Deliveries

Deliver Anywhere in Somaliland.

Begin your journey by using our intuitive app and start earning as a delivery partner.

Available on iOS and Playstore.

Driver Partners must undergo an onboarding process to have their account approved, subject to the Habeeye Terms and Conditions.

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5 Star Customer • Support

Asked Questions.

Delivery Partners can add eDahab as a withdrawal method. Once approved, you will receive your payment every morning through the Habeeye Delivery App. The amount will be transferred to your eDahab wallet at any time, including Fridays and Public Holidays. For more details, please refer to our Terms of Service.

To join Habeeye as a delivery partner, you can sign up through the Habeeye Delivery Partner app, complete the registration process, and start delivering orders within our service coverage areas.

To become a Habeeye delivery partner, you need a valid driver's license, valid national id card, a reliable mode of transportation, a smartphone to access the delivery app, and a willingness to provide excellent service.

Yes, as a Habeeye delivery partner, you have the flexibility to set your own working hours based on your availability and preferences.

As a Habeeye delivery driver, it's essential to address customer feedback or complaints promptly and professionally. You can reach out to our support team through the app for assistance in resolving any issues raised by customers. Maintaining open communication and a positive attitude can help ensure a positive delivery experience.

Habeeye values the growth and development of its delivery partners. There are opportunities for advancement within the network, such as becoming a mentor for new drivers, taking on additional responsibilities, or participating in training programs to enhance your skills. Keep an eye out for internal announcements and updates on potential growth opportunities within the Habeeye community.

You have the freedom to choose the areas within Somaliland where you wish to make deliveries, as long as they fall within our Habeeye service coverage. Simply head to the desired location and sign in!

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