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Free Point of Sale
& Inventory Management Software

Assume control over your inventory, drive sales growth, and optimize efficiency—all at zero expense to you. Elevate your business with our potent and user-friendly solution now!

All the tools you need to manage your store.

Tired of juggling multiple platforms to run your business? Habeeye for Merchants offers an all-in-one solution!

Our app equips you with a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline your operations.

From accepting payments and tracking sales to managing inventory and offering discounts, Habeeye puts everything you need to thrive right at your fingertips.

Intuitive and easy-to-use POS for retail, restaurants and coffee shops

Free POS, No Monthly Fees!

Free POS, No Monthly Fees!

Make every sale a breeze with our user-friendly POS system. Get up and running quickly, reduce wait times for your customers, and improve their overall experience.

Data-Driven Decisions

Data-Driven Decisions

Gain actionable insights from your sales data. Understand customer trends, identify top-selling products, and optimize your marketing strategies.

Targeted Sales Campaigns

Targeted Sales Campaigns

Run smarter marketing campaigns with our all-in-one platform. Create personalized offers that resonate and drive measurable conversions. Increase sales and build lasting brand loyalty – all at a cost-effective price.

Empower Your Staff

Empower Your Staff

Simplify staff scheduling, track performance, and improve communication. A happy and efficient team translates to happy customers and higher sales.

Streamline Inventory

Streamline Inventory

Never run out of stock again. Track inventory levels in real-time, automate reorders, and gain insights to optimise your purchasing power.

Level up your business! Sell smarter, not harder with Habeeye

Turn your device into a powerful POS system that lets you: Issue receipts printed or digital. Offer discounts and refunds with a few taps. Track your sales in real-time. Connect a receipt printer for physical receipts. Integrate with the Habeeye Customer app for a seamless experience.

Take payments anywhere with ease!
Habeeye is integrated with eDahab, so you can accept all major cards and wallets right from your phone or tablet!.

Say goodbye to bulky card machines

Track your sales instantly as they happen, giving you a clear view of what's selling, what's not, and where your revenue is coming from. Analyze trends, identify top performers, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your inventory and boost your profits.

Keep your customers happy with flexible deals! Our dedicated Merchant app lets you apply discounts and issue refunds with just a few taps. Run promotions, reward loyalty, and handle returns all within the app, providing a smooth and hassle-free experience for both you and your customers.

Flawlessly oversee and coordinate all functions within your store.

Offer instant delivery on your products through Habeeye. Turn Browsers into Buyers! Available on iOS and Playstore.

Merchant Partners must undergo an onboarding process to have their account approved, subject to the Habeeye Terms and Conditions.

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Asked Questions.

As a Habeeye merchant, you can reach a wider customer base, increase your visibility, streamline your delivery operations, and benefit from our efficient logistics solutions.

There is no fee to joining Habeeye as a merchant. You can join our platform and start utilizing our services at no cost.

Merchant Partners can add eDahab as a withdrawal method. Once approved, you will receive your payment every evening through the Habeeye Merchant App. The amount will be transferred to your eDahab wallet at any time, including Fridays and Public Holidays. For more details, please refer to our Terms of Service.

To join Habeeye as a merchant, simply download the Habeeye Merchant app, complete the registration process, choose your desired zone within Somaliland, and start operating within our service coverage.

As a Habeeye Merchant Partner, it's essential to address customer feedback or complaints promptly and professionally. You can reach out to our support team through the app for assistance in resolving any issues raised by customers. Maintaining open communication and a positive attitude can help ensure a positive purchasing experience.

Yes, as a Habeeye merchant, you have the flexibility to choose and operate in multiple zones within Somaliland, as long as they fall under our service coverage.

Habeeye values the growth and development of its merchant partners. There are opportunities for advancement within the network, such as becoming a mentor for new merchants, taking on additional responsibilities, or participating in training programs to enhance your skills. Keep an eye out for internal announcements and updates on potential growth opportunities within the Habeeye community.

The Habeeye Merchant app provides you with real-time tracking of your deliveries, order management tools, and analytics to help you optimize your operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Still have a question? Browse our Help Centre or Get in touch with Habeeye Merchants.