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From daily essentials to special treats, Habeeye delivers a diverse range of services to meet all your cravings, making life easier and more enjoyable.


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Finding the products, you need has never been easier. Set your location and effortlessly discover nearby stores and items based on your preferences.

Coupons & Rewards

Unlock Great Saving as our customers get the best value for their money. We offer loyalty points, amazing coupons and special discounts, allowing you to purchase products at discounted prices.

Flexible Payment Solutions

We understand that everyone has their preferred way of making payments. Our app offers local convenient payment options to cater to every preference. Whether you prefer using eDahab, even Wallet feature to earn loyalty points.


Stay Updated with Order Tracking

Track the progress of your orders seamlessly within the Habeeye customer app. Stay informed about the status of your deliveries and receive real-time updates, ensuring you're always in the know.

Never Miss Out with Notifications

Get exclusive access to special deals, flash sales, and exciting offers through our notification feature. Be the first to know about opportunities to save and shop, so you never miss out on great deals.

Wishlist Management

Save your favourite items from various stores to your Wishlist within the customer app. Easily revisit and consider purchasing them later, all in one convenient place.

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Manage Your Organisation

Streamline with your business,
with our all-in-One Solution.

For Habeeye Merchant and Delivery Partners.


Inventory Management

Effortlessly track, manage, and optimize your inventory with Habeeye's advanced Inventory Management feature for Merchant Partners. Stay on top of stock levels, streamline reordering processes, and ensure product availability to meet customer demand effectively.

Intuitive POS System

Experience seamless transactions and enhanced customer service with Habeeye's Intuitive POS System designed for Merchant Partners. Simplify the checkout process, manage sales efficiently, and gain valuable insights into customer preferences to drive business growth

Staff Management

Empower your team and streamline operations with Habeeye's Staff Management feature for Merchant Partners. Easily create and assign roles, track all metrics and enhance communication within your workforce to maximize productivity and create a positive work environment

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Earnings Summary

Stay informed and in control of your earnings with our Earnings Summary feature for Delivery Partners. Easily track your income, view detailed breakdowns of your earnings, and gain valuable insights to optimize your delivery performance and maximize your profitability.

Real-time Notifications

Never miss an opportunity with our Real-time Notifications feature for Delivery Partners. Receive instant alerts for new delivery requests, order updates, and important announcements, ensuring that you are always informed and ready to take on the next delivery task efficiently.

Select Nearby Orders

Efficiently manage your delivery schedule with our Select Nearby Orders feature for Delivery Partners. Browse and choose from a selection of nearby orders based on your location, preferences, and availability, enabling you to optimize your route, maximize your earnings.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Habeeye is a platform that connects customers with local businesses for convenient and efficient delivery services. We aim to provide a seamless experience for both customers and businesses by offering a wide range of products and timely deliveries.

Placing an order on Habeeye is simple. Just browse through the available products, select the items you wish to purchase, add them to your cart, and proceed to checkout. You can then choose your preferred payment method and delivery options to complete your order.

In addition to our delivery services, Habeeye also offers features such as order tracking, customer support, and special promotions from our partner businesses. Stay tuned for updates on new services and offerings as we continue to enhance your shopping experience with Habeeye.

We value your feedback regarding your order status. Please feel free to add an your feedback for either the delivery or merchant partner after you complete or revisit your purchase. Your input helps us improve our services and enhance your overall experience with Habeeye.

The delivery driver may take photos of your items for verification followed by a One Time Verification Pin for quality assurance purposes. This helps us ensure that the correct items are delivered in good condition and provides transparency throughout the delivery process.

Yes, you can modify your delivery address or cancel an order on Habeeye after it has been placed, but please note that changes may be subject to certain conditions and timelines. We recommend reaching out to our customer support team for assistance with any modifications or cancellations.

Still have a question? Browse our Help Centre